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Civil law Immigration and related issues Traffic and other accidents Criminal law


Our firm specializes in the following:

Civil law

With a specific focus in the following areas:
a) Bad debts.
b) Legal advice for real estate purchase in Spain.
c) Rental contracts, Eviction.
d) Inheritances and wills.

2. Immigration and related issues

a) Work Visa.
b) Visas for investors according to new Spanish regulations 2013.
(real estate purchase, bank deposit, share investment, bonds investment...).
c) Residence Visa.
d) Citizenship.
e) Student Visa.
f) Family reuniting.
g) Legal and administrative advice for marriages.
h) Civil union.

3.Traffic- and other accidents

You have the right to compensation, not only for any damage caused to your vehicle, but also for any injuries that you suffer yourself as a consequence of the accident. Salgado Lawyers will direct all legal proceedings on your behalf that arise from the accident, as well as making the claim to your insurers. Our fees are paid by your insurance company. (In the case of our fees not being covered by your insurance policy, they will take the form of a percentage of the compensation you receive, with a fixed fee in any case).

4. Criminal law

a) Drink-driving offenses.
b) Driving without a valid driving license.
c) Fraud.
d) Minor offenses: defamation, threats.